Ortho sets

SetExtended 1
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€40,50 –7 %

The package is an extension of the basic sets. It contains a sophisticated summary of elements for strengthening the centre of the body and for training balance and...

Code: MFK-022-1
SetBaby 1
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€42,87 –7 %

Package of the softest floors available. Perfectly supports perception and motor skills, develops children’s imagination and, last but not least, its colour combination...

Code: MFK-023-1
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€49,97 –8 %

Different types of surfaces with varying degrees of hardness made of eco material copy natural surfaces and prevent flat feet, lead to proper muscle tone, have a positive...

Code: MFK-024
SetMedium 1
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€57,33 –7 %

This set consists of basic floor types. It represents a balanced combination of both hard and soft surfaces. Individual floors complement each other perfectly. Soft Grass serves...

Code: MFK-020-1
SetMedium 2 1BAR
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€62,59 –7 %

This basic set is a combination of soft and hard surfaces in an ideal harmony. The set includes mini floors that can easily be attached to larger parts according to your...

Code: MFK-021-1
SetHuge 1Final
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€97,83 –12 %

This set consists of the Medium 1 and Extended sets. You can look forward to an ideal connection of individual floors with balance floors.  

Code: MFK-026-1
SetHuge 2Final
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€103,09 –12 %

The set consists of the Medium 2 and Extended sets. This optimal floor combination will meet every challenge!

Code: MFK-027-1
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€119,93 –14 %

A combination of Medium 1 and Medium 2 sets resulted in this XXL set. They complement each other greatly in terms of hardness and functionality of the mats.

Code: MFK-025-1
SetRoyal 1
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€210,39 –16 %

This set was created by combining the Medium 1, Medium 2, Extended and Eco sets. It’s a royal connection of all available floors we have.

Code: MFK-028-1
SetDiamant 1
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€305,07 –19 %

Our largest set contains 49 individual floors. Great solution for large spaces at a special price. Please don’t hesitate!

Code: MFK-029-1
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