Ortho sets

SetExtended 1
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The package is an extension of the basic sets. It contains a sophisticated summary of elements for strengthening the centre of the body and for training balance and...

Code: MFK-022-1
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Different types of surfaces with varying degrees of hardness made of eco material copy natural surfaces and prevent flat feet, lead to proper muscle tone, have a positive...

Code: MFK-024
Orthopedic floor - Medium 2 set
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This basic set is a combination of soft and hard surfaces in an ideal harmony. The set includes mini floors that can easily be attached to larger parts according to your...

Code: MFK-021-1
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As a tree grows from its roots, the first human experience consists in the family. We take root in the family, we grow up, we are part of the rough crown of human relationships...

Code: MFK-037
SetHuge 1Final
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€97,83 –12 %

This set consists of the Medium 1 and Extended sets. You can look forward to an ideal connection of individual floors with balance floors.  

Code: MFK-026-1
Orthopedic floor - Huge 2 set
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€103,09 –12 %

The set consists of the Medium 2 and Extended sets. This optimal floor combination will meet every challenge!

Code: MFK-027-1
Orthopedic floor - Royal set
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€210,39 –16 %

This set was created by combining the Medium 1, Medium 2, Extended and Eco sets. It’s a royal connection of all available floors we have.

Code: MFK-028-1
Orthopedic floor - Diamond set
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€305,07 –19 %

Our largest set contains 49 individual floors. Great solution for large spaces at a special price. Please don’t hesitate!

Code: MFK-029-1
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