SetMedium 1
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This set consists of basic floor types. It represents a balanced combination of both hard and soft surfaces. Individual floors complement each other perfectly. Soft Grass serves...

Code: MFK-020-1
SetMedium 2 1BAR
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€62,59 –7 %

This basic set is a combination of soft and hard surfaces in an ideal harmony. The set includes mini floors that can easily be attached to larger parts according to your...

Code: MFK-021-1
SetExtended 1
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The package is an extension of the basic sets. It contains a sophisticated summary of elements for strengthening the centre of the body and for training balance and...

Code: MFK-022-1
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Different types of surfaces with varying degrees of hardness made of eco material copy natural surfaces and prevent flat feet, lead to proper muscle tone, have a positive...

Code: MFK-024
forest eko2
Orthopedic floor - Forest ECO
Currently unavailable

Silence and calm, the needles snap under your feet, and here and there a light wind blows the forest ode to pleasure. Do you like to go out into nature with your family? Does it...

Code: MFK-019-3-1-12
logs eko2
Orthopedic floor - Logs ECO
Currently unavailable

Fallen trees in the forest are ideal for training to keep your balance. Would you like to improve in this discipline and strengthen the centre of your body? This floor with its...

Code: MFK-017-3-1-12
nuts eko2
Orthopedic floor - Nuts ECO
Currently unavailable

When you hear the word walnuts, what do you think of? We think of a fragrant walnut strudel, more nuts in the belly than in a bowl and shells everywhere.  Their surface is...

Code: MFK-018-3-1-12

Orthopedic floors

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